Beginning of 2019 marks the restart of a brilliant feature of the RC06 website, the Guest Bloggers Section. What is the motivation behind this?

First, to boost the visibility of the RC06 and to spread out the research results, experiences and insights within and beyond our community. The new Board expressed this idea at the Business meeting in Toronto and asked for help from volunteers. I gladly offered to contribute. Thus, do not be surprised if I will contact you in the nearest future and encourage to write a post.

In addition, I personally see also a second reason for the Guest Bloggers Section and this reason also drives my dedication to put efforts and time into this activity. Communication builds, shapes and upholds communities. We become part of the community by sharing our ideas, knowledge, advice and even mundane fragments of our daily life. Morever, we remain part of the community as long as we participate in the acts of communication. This builds our sense of belonging and our identity.

In this regard, scientific communities are in a no way different. Yet, unlike some, they face the challenges posed by space and time. As the researchers of the RC06, we are scattered across countries, continents and time zones. All this poses the constraints to keep the flows of our communication going. Of course, occasionally, we transgress these constrains, when we meet at conferences, share our research outcomes and in addition make new friendships, establish new connections with other family sociologists. Yet, in the current times, social media supplements these conventional means of communication. It offers us new channels to communicate, to share and to be connected. I certainly see the Guest Bloggers Section as one of these channels. It could help us to feel that we belong to the global network of family sociologists.

After discussions with Barbara and Susan, our President and Secretary-Treasurer, we agreed that the Section should be a platform for everyone, but we specially encourage young researchers to share their experiences, insights, research outcomes. With more than 300 RC06 members worldwide, we have a huge potential to become a visible, active multi-author blog, which serves not only the purposes of our community, but also the public! Bon voyage!