The membership fee is US$40 (or US$10 if you are a student) for a four-year period. RC06 also offers a life membership for members 70+ years of age (US$80).

If you want to become a member or to renew your membership, this is how to proceed:

The easiest and cheapest way is via the ISA’s website with your credit card.

Scroll down to Membership and click on

This is the ISA’s Individual Membership Form. Section two of the form deals with affiliation to research committees, working groups, and thematic groups. The Committee on Family Research (RC06) is listed at number 6. Once you have provided all the relevant information, you can submit the online form by clicking on the ‘Submit form to ISA.’

Once you have renewed your membership on the ISA website, we would appreciate if you could send an email to our Treasurer, Pei-Chun Ko (, informing her of the payment.

For further information you can also contact us directly.