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Dear CFR Colleagues:

We invite your proposals for topics and session organizers for CFR program at the 2014 World Congress. Please submit as soon as possible but no later than 1 February 2013 24:00 GMT. You are welcome to submit a possible topic, recommend an organizer or volunteer to be one, and/or suggest a format. For a complete list of possible formats and responsibilities for session organizers here.

For details on CFR deadlines and guidelines see here.

For each topic propose a short title and a detailed description of the focus, objectives, and dimensions to be covered (up to 300 words) plus preferred format and language (English, French or Spanish).

For each organizer or co-organizer provide full name, highest university degree held, current position including institutional affiliation with complete mailing address, a phone number, and email address.

Especially needed are organizers and suggestions for joint sessions with other RCs. We have until 7 April 2013 24:00 GMT to finalize these.

Proposals for Integrative Sessions, which must involve at least 3 RC/WG/TG, 3 National Associations or a combination of any three units, must be received at the ISA Secretariat by 15 January 2013 24:00 GMT. Guidelines for applying for integrative sessions are available here.

The program coordinator (PC) will facilitate integrating similar sessions and adjusting topics to best complete a well-rounded and comprehensive program.

A final list of sessions and their descriptions and the language in which they will be held is due to the ISA Secretariat at for posting on the ISA Congress website as Call for Papers by 7 April 2013 24:00 GMT.

Send your proposals to:
Rudy Ray Seward, Programme Coordinator and Vice President of CFR
Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of North Texas
11155 Union Circle #311157, Denton, Texas 76203-1157
Phone: 940.565.2295
Fax: 940.369.7035

Special assistance and backup provided by:
Ria Smit, Secretary and Treasurer of CFR
Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg
Email: ;

Bárbara Barbosa Neves, Board Member at large of CFR
Assistant Professor of Sociology, ISCSP, Technical University of Lisbon
Rua Professor Almerindo Lessa, 1300-663 Lisboa, Portugal