RC06 at the ISA Forum of Sociology

Recordings of the sessions are available for registered participants at the conference website. Thus, if you were not able to take part in the session due to the time difference, overlaps in the program or other constraints, please use the opportunity and enjoy the presentations.

Second Gazette of 2020 is out!

Our second and final newsletter of 2020 is now available – please find it in the ‘Newsletters’ tab or here.

This Gazette includes recent publications of our members, announcements, a list of new members, and much more.

RC06 wishes all members a wonderful festive season.

Education and two types of capitalism. Evidence from Mexico, South Africa and Vietnam

Our guest blogger Lukasz Czarnecki looks at families and educational opportunities of in three countries, which represent two different types of the capitalism. Lukasz is trained in both sociology and law, he hold a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Strasbourg (France) and Mexico (UNAM), and Law from the Jagiellonian University Law and Administration School.
With its diverse mix of historical-comparative, qualitative, and quantitative methods, his research lies at the intersection of sociology and law from the Global South.