Renata Kaczmarska, UN Focal Point on Family, in Dublin

Great news from the Dublin local organizing committee:

Renata Kaczmarska, the United Nations Focal Point on Family, will be attending our RC06 seminar in Dublin. Kaczmarska works on family policy development in the areas of family poverty reduction, social protection, work-family balance, intergenerational issues.

Here is an extract of the UN DESA Focal Point of the Family speech by Renata at the IFFD Briefing, during the Commission for Social Development:

Program of our Dublin seminar is now available!

What an exciting number of sessions and papers this year! The program of our RC06 Dublin seminar, “Individualisation, Internationalisation and Family Policy” (University College Dublin, 20-22 August 2015), is now available online. Please find it here.

Register for our RC06 seminar in Dublin!

Registration for our RC06 2015 Seminar “Individualisation, Internationalisation and Family Policy” (University College Dublin, Dublin, 20-22 August) is now available here.

Registration will close on Tuesday, March 31st.

See you in Ireland!