Disability and transition to parenthood. Mapping disabled women’s experiences in Poland

Our guest blogger of July is Agnieszka Król from Jagiellonian University Medical College (Poland). In her post, she discusses reproductive justice and disability in Poland. She focuses on disability and motherhood, reproductive autonomy and experiences of motherhood of women with disabilities.
Agnieszka is sociologist currently working at Jagiellonian University and engaged within the Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED). Her main scientific interests are located in the fields of disability, family and sexuality studies as well as social inequalities. Recently, she has co-author book on queer kinship “In different voices. Families of choice in Poland” (2017).

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Back into the future? Senses of family food among millennials experiencing transition to adult life

Our guest bloggers of March are Rosalina Pisco Costa and María Suárez Gómez from University of Evora, Portugal. They discuss how families shape food practices of Portuguese millennials.
Rosalina Pisco Costa is Assistant Professor of Sociology and María Suárez Gómez is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences, University of Évora, Portugal.

You can find them here and here

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Guest blogger of February – “Criminalizing” Marriage Migration and Home Space as Confinement in Asia by Sohoon Yi

Our guest blogger of February is Sohoon Yi from Rice University. In her post, she discusses criminalization of marriage migrants in South Korea, their vulnerability in the context of increasing immigration surveillance. Sohoon uncovers how discourses on gender and nationalism are used in criminalization of marriage migrants.

Sohoon Yi is Postdoctoral Fellow in Transnational Asian Studies at Rice University, USA. She is a sociologist and an ethnographer whose research interest is migrant subjectivity at the intersection of gender, immigration laws, precarious labor, and informal market. Her research broadly examines the construction of the informal sphere by the exclusionary laws and policies as well as the migrants’ relationship with the border in temporary migration programs. You can find more about Sohoon here

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Guest blogger – One „family“ by Rudolf Richter

We start 2012 with a stimulating blog post by our president, Rudolf Richter. Besides being the president of this committee, Rudolf is a Professor of sociology at the University of Vienna, Austria. Don't forget to comment and leave your feedback. Happy New Year! One...

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